NEW R-2 Remote Controller

S$ 160.00

The R-2 Remote is a significant improvement over the already good GT remote. Please see the full specs in the description below. We have limited units available for existing GT riders.
NOTE: The R-2 Remote is compatible ONLY with our GT Series boards AND Evolve ONE boardswith the V1 and V2 Protocol installed. It will not function with any other make or model of electric skateboard, our previous models included. To ensure COMPATIBILITY please test your board with this method: 
  1. Double click the left button to enter settings mode
  2. Scroll to “More Info” section using the left button and click the right button to enter “More Info”
  3. In the “More Info” screen, double click the right button and then immediately double click the left button.
  4. If the screen contains the “Protocol: V1” or “Protocol V2” message, your board is compatible. If it is blank, then you will need the motor controller in this bundle to make your board compatible.

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