R2 Remote and Motor Controller Bundle

S$ 425.00

This upgrade bundle is only for customers who purchased a GT board BEFORE min-2017, that does not use the V1 and V2 remote protocol. This bundle will allow these early customers to upgrade their board by replacing the motor controller with one that uses the V2 protocol. (Note: These controllers are LTA Compliant). If you are not sure if your board can pair with the new R2 remote, a simple test is as follows:
  1. Double click the left button to enter settings mode
  2. Scroll to “More Info” section using the left button and click the right button to enter “More Info”
  3. In the “More Info” screen, double click the right button and then immediately double click the left button.
  4. If the screen contains the “Protocol: V1” or “Protocol V2” message, your board is compatible. If it is blank, then you will need the motor controller in this bundle to make your board compatible.

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