Referral Rewards:

Carbon GT Series Boards: SGD$100 per referral

Bamboo GTX Series Boards: SGD$70 per referral

Bamboo GT Series Boards: SGD$60 per referral

Bamboo ONE Series Board: SGD$30 per referral

*Referral rewards do not apply to accessories and parts.

Simple Terms and Conditions:

1. Referral rewards will be paid to registered Evolve owners only. We want to reward our riders for sharing their experience. Referral rewards cannot be back-dated if a customer registers as a referral partner AFTER referring a sale.

2. Referral rewards apply to purchases made on website only and not other distributor sites in other regions.

3. Successful referrals will be paid at the end of the following month after the sale. Referral rewards will be cancelled if the sale is refunded or discovered to be fraudulent. Example, referral made on say 1 April will be paid on 31 May (end of the following month)

4. Referral rewards will be paid via Paypal deposit ONLY. Please ensure you have an active Paypal email address in your profile settings. You can withdraw these cash rewards to your bank account from Paypal at any time.

5. This program is meant to reward customers for sharing their experience with Evolve Skateboards and not as a profit scheme. As such, we reserve the right to amend, terminate and resolve disputes at our absolute discretion and without prior notice.